Although many retail electronic systems are already prevalent in everyday life, data is currently only integrated in a limited capacity from other systems such as point of sale and CCTV systems in the form of till overlay or till interfacing and as a forensic tool requires excessive man hours and costs to be able to benefit retailers as an active real-time medium. Exception based reporting (EBR) is fast becoming an integral tool for loss prevention in retail organizations. EBR allows retailers to easily identify instances of potentially fraudulent activity by extracting data from point of sale systems in real time and further assists in the enforcing of standard operating procedures and policies, identifying unwanted behavioural patterns and improving employee awareness and training all whilst curbing losses.


Securo EBR is a business intelligence solution tool for identifying habitual patterns of dishonest or error behaviour for retail organizations. The solution collects and summarizes all types of data from in store and allows analysts to easily identify the exceptions that are affecting the bottom line. Securo EBR has a powerful information engine that can capture, analyse, and simplify multiple data points helping analysts respond faster to fraud or error. Our solution can also gather structured and unstructured data in real-time, and present it in an easy to understand manner so that you can view store data on a daily basis. With its powerful drill-down capabilities, anomalies can be identified and viewed with video linkage at the click of a button.


The EBR system extracts every operation, function and transaction each point of sale device makes and formulates the data in conjunction with the stores point of sale information and triggers alerts when transactions or operations are out of line with accepted averages, given thresholds or definitive values. It also retains historical data so that analysts can consider exceptions from past periods and this also allows analysts to make better informed decisions for example a flurry of refunds handled by one cashier during a given week may not indicate a fraudulent problem but if the EBR system identifies a pattern of behaviour for that cashier over time, there is a stronger case for alarm and action.

It provides a central data point for all of the information relating to point of sale transactions. Securo EBR identifies anomalies in retail behaviour such as an abundance of refunds, voids and overrides at a particular till point or by a particular cashier. It analyses data further to establish sales trends, profit margins, pricing, stock movement, teller performance to name a few and alerts to any anomalies associated within these areas. In addition to this the EBR provides a direct video hyperlink in order to visually analyse the transaction, anomaly or exception.

Securo EBR can immediately identify multiple exceptions over a wide variety of areas.


Securo EBR is an advanced business tool, combining the best features from business intelligence and exception reporting tools into one intuitive and powerful solution. Immediately collect, summarize, and analyse information from unlimited inputs within a store. It can dissect and display data in numerous layouts to gain visibility into anomalies at a glance. It harnesses the ability to easily filter from a departmental-wide view to item-level data with video linkage with just a few clicks. Securo EBR offers retail loss prevention and operations in tracking down performance reducing activity and internal fraud.


  • Unprecedented Insight – Understand the core data that is directly impacting the success of your business.
  • Immediacy of Data – Gather and summarize data from multiple store inputs in real-time.
  • Ease of Investigation – Click-to-drill down capabilities allow for investigation anywhere in the application.
  • It monitors and records all store transactions.
  • It identifies threats.
  • It analyses all data and extracts video analytics.
  • It allows analysts to detect exceptions in real-time enabling them to respond effectively.
  • Immediate response to potential threats.
  • Minimizes shrinkage.
  • Monitors productivity.
  • Ensures standard operating procedures are adhered to.
  • Provides owners and managers with accurate exception, incident and productivity reports.
  • Cost effective solution to prevent costly business losses.